How The Paleo Diet Can Prevent Fatigue In Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the pressing health problems that a lot of people around the world suffer from. When you have this disease, you may experience being worn out or tired. But you should not be quick to conclude that you have diabetes when you feel tired because it could be caused by other reasons such as stress, inactivity, medications, pregnancy, long working hours, just to name but a few.

Diabetes and fatigue could wear you down even more if combined with other classic symptoms associated with it such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, skin problems, irritability and skin problems. You should find a wa

y to control these symptoms as soon as possible before they

become worse.

A paleo diet can help you prevent fatigue that is associated with


diabetes. Even though the busy lifestyles that we live nowadays may make it a little hard for you to control what you consume, you will need to commit yourself to a diet that will help your health positively

if you find that you have this disease. Eating processed and

packaged foods that are not healthy will o

nly make things worse for you.

The following is how the paleo diet can help you prevent fatigue if you h

ave diabetes.

  1. Low Carbs and Sugar Intake

Diabetes is caused by failure of the body to regulate insulin, which is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas to break down glucose. A diet that is heavily based carbohydrates and sugar deranges insulin regulation. This is because the body cannot handle too much glucose, something that causes it to be converted to glycogen.

When there is too much glucose in the blood stream, beta cells in the pancreas usually respond by producing insulin. This hormone allows the glucose to get into the muscles, which is then stored as glycogen. The glycogen acts as a ready supply of fuel if you starve or skip some meals.

However, if you continue taking too much sugar and carbohydrates without exercising, the muscles will get full, something that will cause the insulin receptors to become less efficient. The muscles will start fighting back against insulin hormone that is trying to force glucose into them.

The pancreas will respond by producing more insulin, and the muscles will react by being even more resistant to insulin. This cycle may eventually lead to full blown resistance that may put you at the risk of diabetes and fatigue. But since the paleo diet restricts the intake of sugar and carbs, you will not be worried about suffering from this condition.

  1. Lessening Exposure to Dietary and Environmental Toxins

Insulin resistance that is caused by intake of too much sugar and carbohydrates is just one of the factors that cause fatigue in diabetics. Exposure to dietary as well as environmental toxins also results into tiredness.

Industrially processed sugar, seed oils, and gluten that most people like taking not only present the body with a lot of carbs turlhan it can already handle, but they are also harmful to the body. They usually produce toxins which cause inflammation in the gut.

This causes the intestinal walls to be more permeable, and as a result toxins from the environment can easily get to the rest of the body where they cause autoimmune responses. This results into fatigue.

Since the number of carbs and sugars that are incorporated in the paleo diet plan are very low, chances of toxins getting into the body and causing you to feel exhausted will be reduced immensely.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Among the things that a paleo lifestyle encourages is adequate sleep, which happens to be very important in controlling fatigue in diabetics. Since you will cut out the chemicals and additives that are found in typical food sources, you will find that your body gets tired naturally at night, something that allows you to sleep soundly.

The paleo diet allows the brain to release serotonin which signals the body that it is time to sleep. If you take processed foods that have too much additives and chemicals, they will interfere with the production of this transmitter, and as a result you will start having irregular sleeping patterns.

It is very important for you to sleep when you start feeling sleepy at night especially when you have diabetes. By doing so, you will be able to wake up in the morning while feeling more energized.

  1. Exercise and Leaner Muscles

A paleo diet plan heavily relies on meat that allows you to get a fair amount of protein that is very important for the muscles. You will have a leaner physique, and it can also help with muscle growth if you usually lift weights or do other muscle building exercises.

Leaner muscles will make you stronger and efficient, and as a result, you will not feel tired all the time when you have diabetes. You do not have to engage in intensive weight lifting exercises to let get the lean muscles. Simple home exercises combined with the paleo diet can still give you a lean body.

  1. Cuts Out Empty Carbs and Calories

Most of us usually consume a lot of empty carbs and calories on a daily basis. But when you are on a paleo diet plan, you will not consume them because sodas and other sugary beverages are not part of the diet. You will also need to cut out energy drinks and juices.

Cutting empty carbs and calories will not only be helpful in preventing fatigue in diabetics, but also in people who want to lose weight or have more sustained energy levels during the day. Every carb and calorie that is served in this diet has a purpose, so you can be sure that it is going to help your body in a positive way.

Preventing diabetes and fatigue with the paleo diet plan is the best and natural course of action. However, you should keep in mind that this diet is not a magical cure to the symptoms of this disease. After a certain point, the autoimmune response that is associated with it can damage the pancreas and make it very difficult to treat. So you should always check with your doctor even when you are on this diet just to make sure that all is well with your health.

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