How The Paleo Diet Can Prevent Fatigue In Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the pressing health problems that a lot of people around the world suffer from. When you have this disease, you may experience being worn out or tired. But you should not be quick to conclude that you have diabetes when you feel tired because it could be caused by other reasons such as stress, inactivity, medications, pregnancy, long working hours, just to name but a few.

Diabetes and fatigue could wear you down even more if combined with other classic symptoms associated with it such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, skin problems, irritability and skin problems. You should find a wa

y to control these symptoms as soon as possible before they

become worse.

A paleo diet can help you prevent fatigue that is associated with


diabetes. Even though the busy lifestyles that we live nowadays may make it a little hard for you to control what you consume, you will need to commit yourself to a diet that will help your health positively

if you find that you have this disease. Eating processed and

packaged foods that are not healthy will o

nly make things worse for you.

The following is how the paleo diet can help you prevent fatigue if you h

ave diabetes.

  1. Low Carbs and Sugar Intake

Diabetes is caused by failure of the body to regulate insulin, which is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas to break down glucose. A diet that is heavily based carbohydrates and sugar deranges insulin regulation. This is because the body cannot handle too much glucose, something that causes it to be converted to glycogen.

When there is too much glucose in the blood stream, beta cells in the pancreas usually respond by producing insulin. This hormone allows the glucose to get into the muscles, which is then stored as glycogen. The glycogen acts as a ready supply of fuel if you starve or skip some meals.

However, if you continue taking too much sugar and carbohydrates without exercising, the muscles will get full, something that will cause the insulin receptors to become less efficient. The muscles will start fighting back against insulin hormone that is trying to force glucose into them.

The pancreas will respond by producing more insulin, and the muscles will react by being even more resistant to insulin. This cycle may eventually lead to full blown resistance that may put you at the risk of diabetes and fatigue. But since the paleo diet restricts the intake of sugar and carbs, you will not be worried about suffering from this condition.

  1. Lessening Exposure to Dietary and Environmental Toxins

Insulin resistance that is caused by intake of too much sugar and carbohydrates is just one of the factors that cause fatigue in diabetics. Exposure to dietary as well as environmental toxins also results into tiredness.

Industrially processed sugar, seed oils, and gluten that most people like taking not only present the body with a lot of carbs turlhan it can already handle, but they are also harmful to the body. They usually produce toxins which cause inflammation in the gut.

This causes the intestinal walls to be more permeable, and as a result toxins from the environment can easily get to the rest of the body where they cause autoimmune responses. This results into fatigue.

Since the number of carbs and sugars that are incorporated in the paleo diet plan are very low, chances of toxins getting into the body and causing you to feel exhausted will be reduced immensely.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Among the things that a paleo lifestyle encourages is adequate sleep, which happens to be very important in controlling fatigue in diabetics. Since you will cut out the chemicals and additives that are found in typical food sources, you will find that your body gets tired naturally at night, something that allows you to sleep soundly.

The paleo diet allows the brain to release serotonin which signals the body that it is time to sleep. If you take processed foods that have too much additives and chemicals, they will interfere with the production of this transmitter, and as a result you will start having irregular sleeping patterns.

It is very important for you to sleep when you start feeling sleepy at night especially when you have diabetes. By doing so, you will be able to wake up in the morning while feeling more energized.

  1. Exercise and Leaner Muscles

A paleo diet plan heavily relies on meat that allows you to get a fair amount of protein that is very important for the muscles. You will have a leaner physique, and it can also help with muscle growth if you usually lift weights or do other muscle building exercises.

Leaner muscles will make you stronger and efficient, and as a result, you will not feel tired all the time when you have diabetes. You do not have to engage in intensive weight lifting exercises to let get the lean muscles. Simple home exercises combined with the paleo diet can still give you a lean body.

  1. Cuts Out Empty Carbs and Calories

Most of us usually consume a lot of empty carbs and calories on a daily basis. But when you are on a paleo diet plan, you will not consume them because sodas and other sugary beverages are not part of the diet. You will also need to cut out energy drinks and juices.

Cutting empty carbs and calories will not only be helpful in preventing fatigue in diabetics, but also in people who want to lose weight or have more sustained energy levels during the day. Every carb and calorie that is served in this diet has a purpose, so you can be sure that it is going to help your body in a positive way.

Preventing diabetes and fatigue with the paleo diet plan is the best and natural course of action. However, you should keep in mind that this diet is not a magical cure to the symptoms of this disease. After a certain point, the autoimmune response that is associated with it can damage the pancreas and make it very difficult to treat. So you should always check with your doctor even when you are on this diet just to make sure that all is well with your health.


How The Paleo Diet Can Prevent Being Tired After Eating

Each day, millions of people in the world go back to work feeling very tired after eating lunch. Some are unable to concentrate at work, feel sleep for the whole day and complain about not having energy. All these are symptoms of fatigue that can meddle with your life if you do not take appropriate measures to address them.

Besides being fatigued, you will become less productive at work if you always feel tired after meals. It could also be a sign of bigger problems to come in future, so you should not simply brush it aside as a non-issue.

There are so many reasons why you may feel tired after meals, including food intolerances to low blood pressure or elevated blood sugar levels. Lifestyle factors such as lack of adequate sleep, stress, and lack of proper nutrition may also contribute to tiredness after eating.

The first thing you should do to avoid feeling tired after meals is to look at the food that you eat. If you usually take meals that are higher in carbohydrates, especially the simple ones, your blood sugar will be quickly elevated, something that will make you feel really exhausted after eating.

A paleo diet can be help you avoid being tired after meals. According to research, it outperforms traditional healthy diet recommendations when it comes to blood sugar control. The following is how this diet can help you.

  1. No Sweets and Desserts17_Tired

The paleo diet does away with all sweets and desserts. This is one of the most important things you will need to do in order to get rid of the feeling of being drained after eating.

Even though cutting out sweets and desserts that you most crave practically and mentally from your diet may not be easy, it is something that you will need to do if you do not want to feel tired anymore(People Can Overcome) after meals. You should instead focus on proteins that will make you feel more satisfied after eating without causing fatigue.

Most people that avoid sweets and desserts when they start using a paleo diet plan usually feel almost better before thirty days. So it is something that will be worth the effort and sacrifice.

  1. Balanced Glucose Levels

Since you will be foregoing refined sugars when you are on a paleo diet plan, it will be easier for you to avoid spikes in blood glucose levels, something that will in turn help you avoid feeling exhausted after eating.

If you have a diabetic background, it will be a good idea to seek advice from a doctor before you start this diet plan. This is because feeling tired after eating(Why) or wanting to sleep during the day easily qualifies as extreme fatigue, which is an early sign of diabetes.

The paleo diet plan could help you immensely if you do not want to stay on the path towards diabetes. Even if you are not concerned about diabetes, this diet will still be a great way of staying healthy by monitoring your blood sugar level.

  1. No Wheat and Gluten

When you start the paleo diet, you will be automatically cutting on wheat products, something that allows you to get rid of gluten. In essence, you will be following a gluten-free diet when you start using the paleo diet plan.

Wheat products have several problems, but when it comes to how you feel after eating, you should think about them like sugar. They contain a lot of carbohydrates that contribute to blood sugar fluctuations in the body.

starchy-vegeables-adrenal-fatigue-diet-foodGluten has been found to be problematic for the digestive system as well as weight gain. When you cut the wheat products from your diet, your body make up will improve and you will start feeling better all around.

  1. Feeling Fuller for Longer

Unlike most diets that keep you in a constant state of hunger, a paleo diet plan is focused on making you feel full and good. It is very easy to follow and does not have instances of diet crashes or cheating since you are advised to eat when you feel hungry.

This diet also contains a good amount of healthy fats that are very helpful in keeping you full and avoiding food cravings. As long as you are consuming the right amounts of proteins, vegetables that help you feel full, as well as fruits that provide the right amount of carbohydrates and fiber, you will not feel tired after meals. You will also not have any problem making it from meal to meal.

Fibers cause the absorption of carbohydrates in the body to be much slower. This allows the carbs to enter the bloodstream at a steady speed, something that gives your body stable energy supply throughout the day. This not only reduces sugar cravings, but also the tiredness that you may be feeling.

  1. Detoxing Effects

Since the paleo diet plan stops the intake of many things that bring you down, including trans fats, refined sugar, caffeine, gluten and more, the number of toxins in your body will reduce tremendously. This diet also allows you to get more anti-oxidants from fruits and more fiber and phytonutrients from vegetables that will purge your body of built-up waste and accumulation.

Overall, the nutrients that you will get from benefits paleo diet plan will provide a detoxifying effect to your body. After a few weeks, you will start feeling more clear-headed and lighter. The good thing about it is that it does not require you to go to extremes such as fasting or drinking nothing but juice.

The paleo diet is a natural and very simple way of preventing being tired after eating. It also promotes dramatic health benefits as well as weight loss results that cannot be achieved from any other diet. It focuses on less processed food, eating locally sourced food, eating seasonally, less sugar, and an improved lifestyle.

If you follow this diet correctly, you could be in the best shape of your life, achieve the best health of your life, and experience more energy than before. However, if you have never made any major dietary changes in your life before, you should check with your doctor first before you start using it.


The Impact Of The Paleo Diet On Allergies And Fatigue

Going on a paleo diet could dramatically improve the way your body operates and give you many other benefits. It is a diet that includes foods such as fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, eggs, seafood and lean meat. You are supposed to avoid all foods that contain artificial ingredients, refined sugars, salt, saturated fats as well as grains when on this diet.

One of the reasons why people try this diet is to get more energy. However, some people feel betrayed when they do not feel energized. They instead feel fatigued and start experiencing allergic reactions to some of the foods that are recommended in this diet.

A good paleo diet should not leave you feeling exhausted or experiencing allergic reactions that you did not have before. Instead, it should help you keep your energy levels high while you are at it so that you can go on with your daily activities without any interruptions.

It is important to note that allergies and fatigue may be caused by other things besides a paleo diet plan. But assuming that nothing else is responsible for these issues, the following is how the diet may be affecting you.

1. Transition

Switching to a new diet plan can be very problematic to some people. In the first few weeks, they may experience unpleasant side effects, with fatigue and allergies being some of them.

So if it is your first time trying the paleo diet plan, do not be surprised if you feel so tired. Until you


get u

sed to it, you will have to use willpower and exercise patience. Even though this can be draining both physically and mentally, it will be worth the effort if you are determined to enjoy the endless benefits that are associated with this diet plan.

The brain will be working extra hard to cope with the changes that will have been introduced by the new diet, hence the fatigue. On top of that, paleo diet tends to be very low in carbs. So if you are transitioning from a high carb diet, it will take your body several weeks to get used to this change.

2. Not Enough Carbs

Another reason why you may feel too exhausted when you are on a paleo diet plan is because of not consuming enough carbs. Even though this diet emphasizes low intake of carbs, it does not mean that you have to eliminate them completely from your diet.

Most of the energy in your body will be provided by fat when you are on a paleo diet plan. But even with this happening, carbohydrates will still be needed in the body, especially for children, women and athletes. They are very important nutrients that the body cannot do without. Even though you do not want too much of them for this diet to be effective, you do not want too little either.

If you are someone that is very active, carbohydrates are your muscle’s favorite fuel. If you do not take enough of them to supply the energy that the muscles need, you will start feeling very tired. The good sources of carbs when you are on this diet plan include sweet potatoes, potatoes, chestnuts, plantains, and bananas.

3. Not Enough Calories

You may also feel fatigued when your body is not getting enough calories when you are on a paleo diet. Even if you are trying to lose weight fast, you need to make sure that you are eating enough food in order to supply your body’s essential needs.

The main source of energy for the body is food. So if you don’t get enough of it, you will feel so tired all the time because of starvation. While eating lots of vegetables is very healthy, it is not going to provide enough calories if you do not have proper servings of other nutrients such as fat and meat.


When you switch to a paleo diet plan, it is important to change your mental picture of how much fat and meat should be consumed. If you don’t, you will be putting yourself at a serious risk of energy deficiency. You have to monitor your calories and make sure that you are taking enough in every meal.

4. Not Enough Fat

Another reason why you may feel too exhausted when you switch to a paleo diet is failure to consume enough fats. If you are going to limit the intake of carbs, you will need to make sure that enough fats are included in your meals because they will help you feel energized.

One of the reasons why some people start experiencing allergies and fatigue when they are on a paleo diet plan is that they eliminate a lot of energy-dense carbs from their diet and refuse to replace them with healthy fats. This causes them to feel hungry and exhausted all the time.

There is no reason to ignore fat when you are on a paleo diet because it is a good source of energy. Among the healthy fats that you can take include animal fats, butter, and fatty cuts of meat. Coconut is also a good source of energy when you are on this diet.

5. Nutrient Deficiencies

Some people usually ignore some important nutrients when are on a paleo diet plan, for instance iodine, iron, vitamin D, selenium and choline. Restricting salt intake when on this diet can be unhealthy and may cause you to feel exhausted. This is because lack of salt leads to iodine deficiency, something that in turn affects your thyroid health negatively.

A certain balance of salt is needed for the body to work properly. If you drink too much water without taking salt, you will be putting yourself at a risk of a medical condition known as hypernatremia which causes fatigue.

Iron prevents guts problems, selenium is important for thyroid health, choline is necessary for building membranes, and iron is necessary for stronger bones. So you need to make sure that the supply of all these nutrients in your body is enough even when you are on a paleo diet plan.

If you find that a paleo diet plan is leaving you constantly exhausted, you should make a point of seeing a medical expert for proper advice on how to use it. To benefit from this diet, you need to make sure that it is helping you keep your energy levels up. You should not start foregoing your daily activities simply because of feeling exhausted when you start this diet plan.


The Impact Of The Paleo Diet On The Health Of Adrenal Glands

Adrenal glands are among the very important organs in the body. They deserve as much attention as the kidneys, liver and other organs in the body. However, with the busy lifestyles and stresses that people go through nowadays, it is possible for these glands to be under too much abuse, something that causes what is known as adrenal fatigue.

The adrenals sit on top of the kidneys in the body. They are two little pea-sized organs that produce hormones that are very important to life, for instance cortisol that helps the body to respond to stressors and regulates metabolism, and aldosterone that helps to control blood pressure.

Adrenal fatigue happens when dietary and lifestyle choices that we make cause these glands to be exhausted after firing over and over in order to provide us with a quick burst of energy during a fight or flight situation.

Our hunter and gatherer ancestors did not fatigue the glands because they only needed a burst of stress hormones occasionally. However, in the modern society, the glands are constantly under stress by circumstances such as air pollution, a difficult boss, financial problems, family quarrels, infections, too little sleep, substance abuse and sensitivities to food.

When you realize that your glands are fatigued or exhausted as a result of too much stress, you will need to take appropriate measures to improve their condition. Some of the common symptoms you are likely to experience when suffering from adrenal fatigue include:


– Low thyroid function

– Low blood pressure

– Low or no libido

– Trouble getting out of bed or low energy through the day

– Cravings for salt and sugar

– Mental exhaustion, anxiety, and depression

– Inability to lose weight

– Reduced immunity

A paleo diet can be of great help on your adrenal fatigue recovery journey. The following are the five impacts that this diet has on the health of the adrenal glands(more detail).

  1. Ability to Deal with Stress

The paleo diet emphasizes the key nutritional components that are supposed to be in place for these glands to be able to deal with stress from every possible source without getting fatigued. Whether you have disease, injury, relationship related problems, and other issues that may be making you vulnerable to stress, this diet will make sure that the glands have the power to fight those stressors.

The adrenals are very important to the body because they determine the energy of the body’s responses to changes in both internal and external environments. When they are in good working condition, you will be able to endure long hours of physical challenge, fight or pursue your goals without giving up, and conquer other things that may put you under a lot of stress without sensing retreat or surrender in your system. Your body will not have difficulty adapting or responding to stressors.

  1. Minimize Swelling from Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders

It is the job of the adrenals to make sure that the reaction of the body to stress and other disorders is in balance. For instance, adrenal hormones such as cortisol have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that help to minimize reaction like inflammation and swelling due to allergies and autoimmune disorders.

The paleo diet ensures that your body has the adrenal hormones that are very helpful when it comes to minimizing the swellings. The adrenal hormones are also very important when it comes to other uses in the body, including normal blood sugar regulation, utilization of carbohydrates and fats, proper cardiovascular function and distribution of stored fat.


  1. Improved Sex Drive

Another impact that the paleo diet has on the health of the adrenals is making sure that the production of sex hormones in both men and women is not affected after midlife. The adrenals are the major source of sex hormones at this stage (menopause in women, and andropause in men).

Besides the impact they have on sex drive, the sex hormones that are produced by the adrenals have a wide array of emotional, physical and psychological effects. If their production is affected, you stand a risk of gaining weight. Your stamina may also be affected – that is why some athletes turn to steroids, which are adrenal hormones, in order to have improved muscular strength and stamina.

  1. Improved Immunity

The ability to respond to chronic illnesses and the propensity to develop a number of diseases is significantly influenced by the adrenal glands. This means that if the adrenals are overworked until they become fatigued or exhausted, you stand a greater chance of developing certain kinds of illnesses or taking a very long time to heal when suffering from chronic illnesses.

If the chronic illness that you are suffering from is severe, the response of the adrenals becomes more critical. The paleo diet makes sure that these organs are in good health all the time so as to make sure that the adrenal hormones that are very critical in enhancing your immunity are not affected.

How well you live your life and your ability to avoid some illnesses depends on how well your adrenals are functioning.

  1. Avoiding Sugar and Carbohydrates Addiction

Among the functions that the adrenals have is maintaining blood sugar balance. So if you are addicted to sweets and starchy foods such as chips and bread, it is important to know that you are giving your adrenals more work to do in order to maintain a normal blood sugar blood balance.

Since a paleo diet limits the intake of carbs and sugars, it means that you will be reducing the stress on the glands every single day, and as a result, they will not be fatigued.

Addiction to sugar and carbohydrates can happen when you are trying to stop using drugs, alcohol or certain medications. Even though it can be part of the healing process, you still need to make sure that you do not compromise the adrenals by overworking them.

Through the action of the adrenal glands, your body is able to mobilize its resources in order to fight off danger, escape or survive. You cannot afford to overlook their health and well-being. Besides a paleo diet plan, you need to make sure that exercises are part of your lifestyle. The best thing is that you do not have to engage in complex exercises to keep the adrenals healthy. Simple exercises such as walking and jogging are enough to ensure that these glands are functioning properly.



Top Five Symptoms Of Adrenal Insufficiency

Adrenal fatigue or insufficiency is a hormonal disorder that occurs as a result of the adrenal glands not producing enough of certain hormones. This disorder can be primary or secondary.

Primary adrenal fatigue, which is also referred to as Addison’s disease, occurs as a result of failure of the adrenal glands to produce enough adrenal hormone cortisol due to damage. This is disease is estimated to affect approximately 100 to 144 of every one million people in the developed countries.

Secondary adrenal fatigue on the other hand occurs when the pituitary gland is not able to produce enough adrenocorticotropin hormone which stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol in the adrenal glands. If the output of adrenocorticotropin hormone becomes too low, production of cortisol stops. This type of adrenal insufficiency is much more common compared to primary adrenal fatigue.adrenal-function

Adrenaline and cortisol hormones usually play a very important part in the body. They help in controlling the nervous system by regulating the way the body handles pain, the body’s sexual hormones, the natural run or fight tendencies, and the flow of blood in the body.





The following are the top five symptoms of adrenal fatigue.


  1. Chronic Fatigue

One of the indicators that you are suffering from this condition is chronic fatigue. You may feel very exhausted even after long hours of sleep, or you may become too unproductive at work as a result of being too tired.

The chronic fatigue is caused by low levels of cortisol as well as neurotransmitter such as norepinephrine and adrenaline in the body. So you should not just assume that any kind of tediousness is normal and start taking too much coffee with the hopes of overcoming it.

In fact, you are advised to cut back your coffee intake to one cup a day if you are a heavy coffee drinker and you find out that you are suffering from this insufficiency. You are supposed to continue minimizing the coffee intake until you eventually stop taking the coffee completely.

It is also important to know that fatigue is a common symptom of many diseases such as arthritis, anemia and diabetes. So you should not be quick to conclude that you have this condition when you feel too tired.

  1. Chronic Headaches

Even though some people are chronic headache sufferers, it could also be a symptom of adrenal insufficiency. If you have never had the misfortune of experiencing a serious headache before and then you happen to experience one, you should check with your doctor because you might be suffering from this insufficiency.

This condition can also cause a simple headache to aggravate into something more serious such as a migraine. If you have an ongoing or chronic migraine, it is a sign of some deeper chemical imbalance resulting from this condition, and it will need to be controlled by a prescription from a medical professional.

  1. Decreased Sex Drive

If you notice that your sex drive has decreased enigmatically, it is an indicator that your body needs nourishment as well as time to restore. The adrenal glands are actively involved in the production of the body’s sexual hormones, for instance testosterone and estrogen.

In the event that the adrenal glands stop the production of the sexual hormones or slow down, you might experience a lack of interest in sexual matters. This could be a sign that something is wrong with you.

A healthy libido is not only important for you, but also for the good of your significant other. So if you notice that your sex drive is decreasing, you need to see a medical expert immediately to run a series of tests so as to establish the underlying problem.


  1. Higher Energy Levels in the Evenings

The lower cortisol levels that are caused by this condition may have a negative effect on your energy levels throughout the day. If you are healthy, the cortisol levels are supposed to be at the highest early in the morning and decline gradually throughout the day.

However, if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, you may experience increased levels of cortisol in the evenings, something that may contribute to increased energy levels. This means that you will be tired all day, and then start feeling energetic in the later afternoon or evening.

You are likely to experience this symptom in the earlier stages of this condition because the adrenals are still able to produce significant amounts of adrenaline and cortisol.

  1. Cravings for Salty Foods

The cortex, which is a part of the adrenals, is responsible for producing aldosterone which is a mineralocorticoid that works together with the kidney to control fluid and mineral excretion in your body. When the adrenals are fatigued, the production of aldosterone slows down. You also tend to excrete huge amounts of useful minerals in your urine.

Even though frequent urination is attributed to age due to depleted endocrine systems, it could also be as a result of depleted adrenals. What this means is that if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, your ability to balance levels of minerals such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium in your blood effectively will be interfered with. This is will in turn lead to cravings for salty foods so as to replace the sodium that you have lost.

So if you suddenly find yourself craving for salty snacks, you should see a doctor because you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue.

There are many other symptoms associated with adrenal insufficiency, including joint pain, dry skin, weight gain, lower back pain, low blood pressure, loss of muscle tone, depression, and so on. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention from a professional. The professional will do a series of tests in order to determine what is causing the problem.

There are things that you can do to repair your adrenals without necessarily going to a doctor. They include removing stressors, getting enough sleep and changing your diet. However, if you are very ill, you should seek a doctor’s advice to prevent the condition from becoming worse.



Top Five Reasons You Have Tired Legs

A feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs is a common symptom in most people at some point in their lives. It can be a discomfort that comes and goes from time to time. The people that are likely to have tired legs are those that have occupations that require them to stand on their feet for very long hours, for instance hairdressers and shop assistants. The people who sit down for longer hours while working are also at the risk of having tired legs.

The tired leg syndrome affects both men and women equally, but the numbers tend to increase with the age. Statistics indicate that about half of the women that are above the age of 45 suffer from tired legs. 7 out of 10 of these women are said to suffer a lot of pain that interferes with their day to day lives.

If you experience tired and aching legs, you should not just ignore it. It is important to try to understand what could be the cause so as to know the right way to deal with it accordingly before it becomes severe.

Top Five Reasons You Have Tired LegsThe following are the top five reasons you may have the tired leg syndrome. 

  1. Poor Blood Circulation

Long periods of sitting or standing can cause poor blood circulation in the legs. During blood circulation, blood is usually pumped back to the heart through veins. Since the legs are at a lower position in the structure of the body than the heart, blood has to be pumped against gravity from the legs to the heart.

When you sit, stand or stay inactive for a long period of time, the ability of the leg muscles to contract sufficiently in order to force enough blood upwards is interfered with. This causes the blood to gather in the veins, something which in turn causes it to be restricted from draining from tissues in that area in order to be pumped to the heart.

If you continue being inactive for long, you will start feeling tension or heaviness in the legs, something that will make them feel tired. You need to make sure that you exercise your legs even if your work in an environment that forces you to sit or stand for long hours to improve blood circulation and prevent your legs from feeling tired.

  1. Medications and Medical Conditions

There are some types of medications that can cause the tired legs syndrome. The most common ones include antipsychotic drugs, anti-nausea drugs, some antidepressants as well as allergy and cold medications that have sedating anti-histamines. If you usually have tired legs and then take these medications, they could worsen the condition. So it is always important to explain to a doctor your condition.

Tire legs could also be as a result of some medical conditions. Diseases such as arthritis, blood clots, atherosclerosis varicose veins and nerve damage usually affect blood supply to the legs. Leg-nerve damage or spinal-nerve damage may also cause tired legs. They usually cause a tingling feeling or numbness in the legs that makes them feel tired.

Other medical conditions that have also been found to cause the tired legs syndrome include kidney failure, Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathy and diabetes. Treating these conditions will give you some relief if you feel like your legs are so tired and heavy.

  1. Top Five Reasons You Have Tired LegsPoor Sleep Quality or Insufficient Sleep

Waking up with tired legs could be as a result of poor sleep quality apart from lack of enough rest. If you find trouble moving your legs every morning, it could be because your brain, legs and other parts of your body are not getting enough supply of oxygen when you are sleeping.

Enough oxygen may fail to reach your legs due to breathing problems such as snoring, inflammation of sinuses, deviations in your nasal sinuses, and allergies that cause your nose to be congested. Bacterial or viral infections that affect the upper part of the respiratory system may also affect your breathing, and as a result cause poor supply of oxygen in the legs and other parts of the body. This in turn causes your legs to feel tired.

Breathing problems that hinder proper supply of oxygen in the body when you are sleeping may also be caused by sleep apnea. It is a more serious condition whereby a person stops sleeping altogether for some minutes when they are sleeping.

  1. Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is very important in the body because it causes the bones to be stronger. This means that if you have deficiency of this nutrient in your body, your leg bones will be weaker. You will start feeling tired even if you stand for a very short because they are not strong enough to support the rest of the body.

Vitamin D is not only important for the bones, but also for the heart and the rest of the body. If you fail to include enough of it in your diet, your entire body may feel fatigued and tired, something that may affect your performance in your day to day activities. You may also be at a high risk of suffering heart problems.

It is therefore very important to make sure that you have enough of this nutrient in your system. You can get it by simply basking in the sun. It also occurs naturally in some foods such as fish, grain products and egg yolks.

5.  Pregnancy

This is another possible cause of tired legs. Some women usually experience the tired legs syndrome especially in the last trimester of their pregnancy. It is caused by the added weight of the baby that they have to carry on their feet. The symptoms usually disappear in a few weeks’ time after delivery.

However, just because you are pregnant and you are experiencing tired legs is not necessarily the effect of the pregnancy. You could be pregnant and having trouble sleeping at night, and as a result the tired legs syndrome will be as a result of insufficient sleep.

Even though the uncomfortable feelings caused by tired legs may subside easily with rest, you should not always assume them. If the discomfort develops into muscles cramps, a feeling of tension or cold feet, you should see a doctor immediately. Do not wait until the problem becomes worse.


Top Five Adrenal Support Supplements

Adrenal support becomes necessary if your adrenal glands are ‘cracked-out’ (fatigued). The adrenal glands, located at the top of the kidneys produce over 50 hormones which drive bodily functions essential for life. They also fight off stress.

So if you are suffering from chronic fatigue and low energy levels, your kidneys may be literally screaming for support. You need not get overwhelmed by the tons of supplements out there. Here are the top 5 adrenal support supplements:

  1. Cortisol Control, Adrenal Health & Stress Relief Supplement by LES Labs

This is a natural dietary supplement that supports adrenal function and promotes healthy levels of cortisol.

Top Five Adrenal Support Supplements


– Supporting adrenal function

– Promoting healthy cortisol levels

– Supporting relaxation

– Reducing stress

– Improving moods

– Helping one to sleep better

– Increasing energy levels

– Weight loss since it helps reduce stress eating


— Made from natural ingredients

— 100% money-back guarantee

— Clinically tested ingredients

This adrenal support supplement is formulated to promote a balanced cortisol response to alleviate stress. Some of the ingredients include Ashwagandha and Rhodiola extracts, as well as magnesium. They help promote relaxation and have a calming effect.

The product supports adrenal function via promoting healthy cortisol levels, weight loss and helping in relaxation.

This supplement is produced in cGMP certified facilities and is thoroughly tested before bottling and shelving. The ingredients are all natural and supported by clinical studies. You only need to take a capsule a day before sleeping and 2 capsules if stress levels are high.

  1. Adrenal Fatigue Support Supplement Formula for Stress and Exhaustion – In Liquid drops for Easy Absorption- 2 Oz Bottle – Adrenal Edge by Go Nutrients

This supplement is in liquid form to help in fast absorption into the body. It is made up of 2 types of ingredients: those that help your body to adapt to stress and those that soothe the nerves.


– Supports and balances adrenal function

– Helps in the adaptation to stress

– Soothes the nervous system

– Improves levels of energy

– Supports cognitive functions, for instance memory and mental focus


— Made of natural extracts

— Easy absorption into the body

— Covered by the return policy on Amazon

— No side effects

The product is made up of 2 types of ingredients: those that help your body to adapt to stress and those that soothe the nerves. These are crucial in adrenal support.


This supplement is made from effective and non-toxic natural extracts with a great taste. They are also gluten, dairy, lactose, sugar, nut and alcohol free.

The supplement is in form of drops which are easily absorbed into the body, digested and assimilated. You can opt to take a few drops directly or mix them with juice.

It has no preservations, additives or chemicals. It is made in a GMP facility registered by the FDA.

  1. Ortho Molecular – Adren-All 120 Capsules by Ortho Molecular Products

This supplement is made up of vitamins and herbs that provide adrenal support


– Higher levels of energy

– Relaxes and calms the body

– Increases alertness

– Improves moods

– Increases resilience to stress

– Maintains healthy and balanced cortisol levels


— Gluten and yeast free

— No artificial colors or flavors

The product is made up of a number of extracts, for instance Rhodio rosea, Eleuthero root, Schizanda berry, and Licorice Root which increase resistance to stressors, support the nervous system, regulate moods, help gain mental clarity, improve productivity and help one sleep better.

Adrenal concentrate helps rejuvenate the adrenal stress system

Taking just 2 capsules daily will support your adrenal system sufficiently. You need not keep napping to get through the day.

  1. AdrenaForm Adrenal Fatigue Support Supplement by VH Nutrition


– Cleanses and detoxes the adrenal gland

– Increases energy levels

– Reduces stress and anxiety

– Helps in a healthier thyroid

– Fights exhaustion

– Improves mood

– Reduces hunger and cravings as well

– Helps one sleep better

– Increases concentration


— 30 day money back guarantee

— Effective for use by both men and women

— Fast results

This product is made up of natural herbs. AdrenaForm manages and supports adrenal function by blocking cortisol. Since it is effective when used by both men and women.

If you need to purchase adrenal supplements for different family members, you only need to purchase one type or even one bottle at a time. The effects of this supplement can be felt the first day you take them.

  1. UltraMeal Medical Food Country Peach – 21 Oz. by Metagenics

This supplement is a shake that has different flavors: vanilla, Dutch chocolate, country peach, strawberry supreme, raspberry, mocha, and banana blast. It helps in weight loss which helps the adrenal glands function better as you will have a healthy body.


– Helps keep weight in check


— Free from wheat, corn protein, stimulants, nuts, fish, shellfish, gluten, egg, dairy products, tree nuts, as well as artificial flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners

— A source of essential vitamins and minerals

— It helps in bone health as it is rich in calcium.

The flavors take some time to adjust to. The product supports management of central obesity, insulin resistance and altered body composition. It helps in maintain lean mass.

Ultrameal supports healthy heart function and reduces the risk of heart disease. It also lowers cholesterol and ensures that hormones like estrogen remain at balanced levels.


Shake, blend, or briskly stir 2 scoops of UltraMeal into 8 ounces of chilled water. Take twice every day.


Fatigue Causes

Fatigue CausesFatigue is an advanced stage of tiredness where person has reduced capacity and energy levels to perform after undergoing extended physical or mental labor. However, various medical conditions are also possible fatigue causes. These conditions may not be apparent.

Psychological and mental reasons

The growing stress levels and decreasing sleeping hours are main psychological reasons of continuous tiredness and fatigue. In absence of adequate rest, the mind and body are exhausted. Another reason for fatigue is depression. Without adequate attention, the problem may aggravate and may lead to serious health issues. Eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia is one of the fatigue causes.

Emotional trauma like death of near one may also cause fatigue to the distressed person.

The tough competition and erratic working schedules also have their contribution in increased anxiety levels and decreased energy levels in people leading to fatigue.

Physical conditions

Presence of ailments and diseases are basic fatigue causes. For example, a person suffering from anemia may experience low energy levels to perform daily routine works. In the same way, dehydration takes a toll on the physical and mental health of a person. Excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhea leads to dehydration and thus fatigue.

Chronic problems related to kidney, heart, liver and some conditions like diabetes, cancer and pregnancy also are vital fatigue causes. Even not so complicated conditions like cold and cough, infection, fever and flu make the person feel exhausted.

Other important causes

Drug and alcohol abuse also causes fatigue in a person. Even medication for drug treatment is also important cause of fatigue. Some of the medications like sedatives, antidepressants, anti anxiety medications and antihistamines are visible reasons of fatigue. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and chronic fatigue syndrome are other grounds of fatigue. Besides, the habits and irregular lifestyle also contribute to fatigue even if the person is healthy.

To treat fatigue, it is important to diagnose the fatigue causes and then focus on the medical solutions.


Causes of Excessive Tiredness in Women

Excessive tiredness in women is actually a very common complaint, and the causes of feeling extreme fatigue can be linked to a number of different causes, medical and otherwise. Often, the reason for tiredness is simple and can be treated with changes in lifestyle, but other times extreme tiredness and weakness is identified as a symptom of a greater medical condition.
Causes of Fatigue in Women

Women concerned about chronic fatigue would do well to examine the non-medical causes of fatigue that may be present with their doctors in addition to any potential medical concerns that might be causing the problem.

Is Your Lifestyle Draining Your Energy?

It is unfortunate that many women have no idea that their lifestyle is actually depleting their energy on a daily basis. When it comes to lifestyle as a cause of excessive tiredness in women, doctors point out three major factors as the common culprits: an improper diet, inadequate sleep, and a lack of exercise.

In terms of diet, the problem of chronic fatigue can be cyclical, as women attempt to treat their tiredness with things like sugar and caffeine. In turn, these ingredients produce a short burst of energy but later work as a cause of fatigue as they wreak havoc on blood sugar levels. This problem can be circumvented with the incorporation of a balanced diet that includes enough veggies, fruit, and lean meats, which can also decrease weight and boost energy.

Over half of the women recently polled in America reported having more nights each week with poor sleep than nights in which they are getting adequate sleep. This is an obvious contributor to a lack of energy, and it can be solved with a greater emphasis on quality sleep each night and the avoidance of factors that inhibit good sleep, like caffeine and alcohol right before going to bed.

It may seem contradictory, but a lack of exercise is one of the biggest reasons for women feeling tired on a regular basis. A vigorous exercise routine that includes at least 30-40 minutes of exercise at a minimum of four times a week will actually add to your energy after some time, instead of making you more tired.

Medical Conditions that Cause Fatigue in Women

Any one of the lifestyle factors by themselves or in combination can be the sole cause of excessive tiredness in women, but there are medical concerns that cause fatigue as well.

Four of the key medical concerns that can cause fatigue in women can be easily diagnosed by your doctor with a simple blood test. The first, anemia, is caused by a deficiency in iron and can be easily treated with diet and supplements. Inadequate amounts of other major nutrients can cause tiredness as well, and they can be treated in much the same way.

Two more conditions that affect the endocrine system, thyroid disorders and diabetes, can also impact overall levels of energy. A thyroid that isn’t functioning properly may provide you with an abundance or lack of thyroid hormone which definitely affects your energy, and diabetics are notorious for feeling sluggish before being diagnosed and getting their blood sugar under control.

Depression is another leading cause of fatigue, and although it isn’t diagnosed with a blood test, you are likely to notice other common symptoms of depression in addition to your exhaustion. Many women will also experience symptoms like sadness, a decrease in appetite, and a loss of interest in activities they formerly enjoyed in addition to their lack of energy.

Among the other medical causes of excessive tiredness in women are obstructive sleep apnea and heart disease which can both be diagnosed and addressed by your doctor. While more often than not, you will discover the cause of your chronic fatigue is related to factors in your lifestyle, you should discuss both medical and non-medical causes of extreme tiredness to ensure you find any potential health concerns that could be draining your energy.


Adrenal Glands Perform Important Roles Within The Body

An adrenal gland is quite small – typically the size of a grape, but it does lot of important jobs. Thankfully, a person has two of them – one on top of each kidney. It consists of two parts: the medulla (core) and the cortex (outer layer).

The adrenal medulla produces two hormones, which are epinephrine (adrenalin) and norepinephrine (noradrenalin). These hormones play an important role in controlling a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. The signals from the brain usually stimulate the production of these hormones.

The adrenal cortex also produces two hormones. One is the cortisol that regulates nearly every organ and tissue throughout a person’s body. Aldosterone is the other. This hormone works to maintain the proper amounts of water and salts in the body. An abnormal balance of these salts and water can cause a person to have low blood pressure, which can lead to death if not treated properly. People suffering with adrenal problems may suffer from fatigue, dizziness, weight loss and nausea. They should contact their doctor and get checked out.

Overall, the adrenal glands are responsible for different classes of hormones. These hormones control many important functions within a person’s body. Some include controlling the balance of water and salts in the body, maintaining other metabolic process such as managing blood sugar levels, maintaining pregnancy and also controlling the sexual maturation during puberty. Also the adrenal glands produce sex steroids like estrogen and testosterone. That is a lot of work from a small grape.

People should take supplements that relieve the pressure put on the adrenal glands. Also, they can try to relax more often and get enough sleep, so they can gain more energy and relieve the stress.

The adrenal glands consistently do their jobs. However, they can sometimes malfunction and this is called adrenal gland disorders. The cause of the problem can be another gland that works with the adrenal gland or it can be just the adrenal gland itself. There are several of these disorders.

Cushing’s syndrome occurs when a person’s body has too much of the cortisol hormone. This can be caused by either an adrenal tumor, certain medications he or she is taking, or some children are born with a form of adrenal hyperplasia that may lead to this syndrome.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia is a genetic disorder of the adrenal gland. The person’s body does not produce enough of the hormone cortisol. These people may also suffer from other hormonal imbalances.

Pituitary Tumors can sometimes lead to Cushing’s syndrome. The pituitary gland is found in the brain and it regulates the activity of the adrenal gland as well as the other glands in the body.  These tumors can affect almost the entire body in some way.

There are other disorders and all can be treated with either medication radiation therapy or surgery. However, each disorder requires separate treatments. People, who are suffering from any symptoms of the adrenal gland disorders, should contact their doctor and get checked out. It is important to stay healthy.