Just Got a New Client Today

I spent all day running around looking for new business and I sort of got lucky it seems. I had an appoint with a chiropractor in the upper east side of manhattan, just routine stuff that I do ever so often. My back has this thing where it gets out of whack once in a while, but if you get regular adjustments it is not a big deal. So I was there and I got done, but when I was leaving I stepped in the elevator and saw my old pal Maurice, in fact he is a bookmaker and a guy who makes his living with a deck of cards, but I went to high school with the guy. At any rate it was lunch time and he invited me to come along with him and I knew that he would be paying, so I quickly agreed. We had a couple of drinks and reminisced a bit, then a couple of his clients showed up.

I was a bit less than eager to be doing business with any of Maurice’s friends, because some of them are definitely on the wrong side of the law. Not like shoot ‘em up stuff or anything, but guys who will try to fleece you if you are not careful. In this case I decided to talk to these guys after Maurice told them that I was the real estate guy that he had told them about. I was really glad, because they were looking for a place just like this place I had been trying to move for a couple of months. I showed them a few pictures and told them I was flexible on the price, meaning that the guy who wanted to sell was getting a bit more than desperate. We worked something out.

The Best Facial Mask Available

I was trying to find the perfect gift for my sister when I came across something that I thought would be great for both of us to try. She likes to look the best she can, so I was looking at the beauty sections on a few different websites when I came across rhassoul clay facial mask. My sister and I both have troublesome skin, and we had yet to find the perfect cleanser for our faces.

Searching for a Herpes Cure to Stop the Chance of Spreading the Disease

There are sexually transmitted diseases that you can essentially be cured from. At least cured to the point you have no symptoms and cannot spread the disease. Things like gonorrhea and syphilis can be cured with antibiotics. They can do a blood test years later and see markers that show you were once infected, but you are essentially cured. They are even working on an HIV vaccine to prevent AIDS. However, there are a whole lot of people who have herpes who are hoping for a herpes cure.

You can feel different symptoms or none at all when you get infected. You may just have the cold sore variety that is usually Herpes simplex 1. Most often, but not always, the genital variety is Herpes simplex 2. The fact is that either form, 1 or 2, can cause either infection. The cold sore variety spreads just as easily as the genital variety. It is through contact.